Haaland and Foden Ensure Manchester City qualify and Man City to win.

For many of the players wearing the black and yellow  jerseys, competing against the European football powerhouses who represents the zenith of their careers. However, this  match was far from a competitive opportunity. Haaland and Foden Ensure Manchester City qualify and Man City to win. Just as the young boys from the Man city were about to step onto the field for playing a game without any players, their fans supported to throwing smoke bombs onto the pitch around the six-yard box due to their team’s inability to take a shot. Swiss midfielder Sandro Lopper, was responsible for accepting the penalty that led to Haaland’s first goal and received his second yellow card in the fifty third  minute, is a good memories in the  evening.

Their conventration or focus  now shifts to an upcoming game where they hope to defeat Leipzig at home ground  and secure the top spot. According to Guardiola, “Our work isn’t done yet because our goal is to claim the top position, as it’s better to play the second round at home ground , that’s why we feel confident.” He added, “We have  completed the initial stage of the qualification process, and I’m delighted. We scored two fantastic goals, and there are two more outstanding goals to come.”

The goalkeeper emerged relatively unscathed as City tried to maintain a high goal tally in the latter part of the game. Even with a full complement of  eleven  players, the young boys had no chance to comeback on the field as they failed to register a single shot or goal, revealing their lack of competitiveness at all  level of game .

Anthony Raciopi made a crucial goal-line save and two other important stops before López scored City’s first goal by beating Mathias Núñez in the 23rd minute. When Haaland gained possession of the ball, he skillfully escaped defenders and placed it beyond the goalkeeper’s approach, leaving no doubt about its destination.

Just before halftime, Jack Grealish reaped his rewards by escaping  Ulysses Garcia and expertly slotting his second goal into the bottom corner, following a move initiated by Phil Foden down the right. In  the evening, there was a certain sense of unease at the Etihad Stadium, with even the most steadfast supporters assuming the result was a foregone conclusion. In fact, the cameras were well aware of this, as Haaland managed to acquire a memento of the occasion. Young Boys head a coach Rafael Vickery commented that  “I find it a bit surprising, but I don’t believe it reflects the team’s performance or play. I’ll discuss this with him
and understand his perspective. Perhaps Haaland requested it, but he did not receive a jersey.”

The striker got his second goal of the game, an unusual long-range strike, marking the third such goal in his career since joining City. Receiving a pass from Rico Luis, he executed a turn and fired a shot from 20 yards out, eliciting cheers from the supporters both on and off the field.