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Appeal for Donations and In-Kind Support for the Establishment of a Sports Academy and Indoor Hub for Underprivileged Children

Dear Sir/Madom/Organization CEO/Director/Chairman/President.,

I hope this letter finds you in good health and high spirits. I am writing to you on behalf of “GOPAL DUTT SHIKSHAN SAMITI –NGO “, GDSS NGO is approved under FCRA Act,CSR Act,12AA & 80G by Govt. of India., a non-profit organization committed to providing underprivileged children with opportunities for personal development and empowerment through sports. We are embarking on a transformative initiative to establish a Sports Academy and an Indoor Hub, and we are reaching out to request your generous support through donations and in-kind contributions.

Background: In our pursuit of creating positive change in the lives of underprivileged children, we recognize the instrumental role sports can play in fostering physical fitness, teamwork, discipline, and overall personal development. The establishment of a Sports Academy and Indoor Hub aims to provide a safe and conducive environment for these children to explore their potential, nurture their talents, and build a foundation for a brighter future.

Outdoor Sports Academy: Our vision for the Outdoor Sports Academy is to create a dynamic space where children can engage in various outdoor sports. To make this vision a reality, we are seeking donations and in-kind support for the following items:

  1. Sports Equipment:
    • Soccer balls
    • Basketball hoops and balls
    • Volleyball sets
    • Cricket bats, balls, and stumps
    • Tennis rackets and balls
  2. Sporting Gear:
    • Uniforms (jerseys, shorts, and socks)
    • Sports shoes
    • Protective gear (helmets, shin guards, etc.)
  3. Field Infrastructure:
    • Goalposts and nets
    • Basketball court markings
    • Volleyball court setup
    • Cricket pitch preparation
  4. Facility Amenities:
    • Seating arrangements for spectators
    • Drinking water stations
    • Shade structures for sun protection
  5. Training Programs:
    • Hiring certified coaches
    • Developing structured training programs
    • Organizing sports competitions and tournaments

Indoor Sports Hub: Recognizing the importance of indoor sports, we are also planning to establish an Indoor Sports Hub that will serve as a year-round facility for various activities. We seek your support for the following items:

  1. Indoor Sports Equipment:
    • Table tennis tables and equipment
    • Badminton sets
    • Indoor hockey and mini-football kits
    • Gymnastics mats and equipment
  2. Fitness and Training Area:
    • Basic gym equipment (weights, treadmills, etc.)
    • Yoga mats and accessories
    • Interactive fitness technology
  3. Indoor Facility Infrastructure:
    • Flooring suitable for indoor sports
    • Court markings for different sports
    • Climate control systems for comfort
  4. Educational Programs:
    • Guest speakers and workshops on sports nutrition
    • Educational materials on the importance of fitness
    • Life skills training through sports

In-Kind Support and Sponsorship: We understand the significance of community involvement and partnership in realizing this ambitious project. By providing in-kind support or sponsorship, your organization can make a lasting impact on the lives of underprivileged children. In return for your generosity, we offer the following recognition:

  1. Naming Opportunities:
    • Naming rights for specific sports facilities or areas
    • Prominent display of your organization’s logo on signage and promotional materials
  2. Community Engagement:
    • Inclusion in press releases and media coverage
    • Opportunities for your employees to volunteer or participate in events
  3. Progress Updates:
    • Regular updates on the progress of the Sports Academy and Indoor Hub
    • Recognition in newsletters and annual reports

Impact and Long-Term Benefits: Your support will not only provide immediate access to sports for underprivileged children but will also have far-reaching effects on their overall development. Through sports, these children will gain essential life skills, improve their physical health, and develop a sense of belonging and teamwork.

We believe that every child deserves an opportunity to thrive, and your contribution can make a significant difference in shaping a brighter future for these young individuals.

Next Steps: We would be delighted to discuss this initiative further and explore how your organization’s values align with our mission. If you have any questions or would like additional information, please feel free to contact us at or WhatsApp +91-8191903650.

Thank you for considering our appeal. Your support will be instrumental in creating a positive and transformative impact on the lives of underprivileged children in our community.


Bala Datt Sharma ,


Gopal Dutt Shikshan Samiti

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7B/07 Avas Vikas Buddhi Vihar Phase 2,

Delhi Road Moradabad UP PIN 244001 India .

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